• 08.18.16

Want $100K Worth Of Free Ad Space? How Do You Feel About Pornhub And RedTube?

The two adult sites reach 90 million people daily. Now’s not the time to get prudish.

Want $100K Worth Of Free Ad Space? How Do You Feel About Pornhub And RedTube?

Your next ad has the potential to land on two sites that pull in about 90 million daily visitors, collectively. Such marketing wonders can be yours only if you’re cool with those sites being Pornhub and RedTube.


The two porn destinations are teaming up for an advertising contest aimed at plucky startups and entrepreneurs. The grand prize: An ad allowance worth $100,000 to spend on pre-rolls, banners, etc.

“Following the success of a handful of mainstream ad campaigns on our platforms, we thought that this contest would effectively help thrust our sites into the eyes and minds of innovating advertisers around the world,” says Corey Price, vice-president of Pornhub. “The massive size and reach we have translates into very lucrative opportunities for anyone choosing to plug their brand on our sites.”

Food delivery service Eat24’s previous series of ads on Pornhub is an ideal example of what the internal panel at Pornhub and RedTube will be looking for–clever campaigns that know exactly what kind of site they’re advertising on.

“Creativity is key,” Price says. “We’re looking for something that will really stand out which, as you can imagine, poses quite the challenge when designing an ad to appear on an adult site.”

Pornhub and RedTube receive a substantial amount of traffic for obvious reasons that don’t include cheeky advertisements. Price claims that visitors of Pornhub are “generally engaged” with ads and that their in-house ad network TrafficJunky works closely with clients for optimization.

This ad contest falls in-line as part of Pornhub’s larger strategy to diversify its brand. Over the years there’s been the music label Pornhub Records, fashion line Pornhub Apparel, and philanthropic arm Pornhub Cares. Pornhub’s push into broader markets has, of course, been met with some pushback. However, the more people stigmatize brands like Pornhub and Redtube, the more room there is for others to tap such lush resources.


“Whether you’re a budding startup or a well-established brand, advertising on an adult site is a [virtually] untouched, cost-effective way to expand your audience,” says Alex Taylor, vice-president of RedTube. “This contest is truly a unique experience for us as well, as we continue to diversify our advertising client base and build relationships in new industries.”

For rules, deadlines, and more information on the contest, click here.

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