This Ugly Trump Coloring Book Raises Money For Immigrants

Get out your orange pencils!

When designer Joey Yang ran out of things to draw for an art class, he attempted Donald Trump. The results–rendered as blind contour drawings, made without looking at the paper–looked so bad he thought it was fitting.


“The quality of my renderings is probably equal to what his presidency would be,” says Yang, who decided to turn the drawings into a coloring book called Make America Colorful Again, and to give the proceeds to a nonprofit that helps immigrants stay in the U.S.

As his campaign on Indiegogo explains:

The real threat to American values aren’t the people of different colors and creeds who make up this country — they’re demagogues like Trump who try to turn us against each other. We’re a stronger nation when we look out for each other, no matter where we come from. America is great because it’s a colorful place. Let’s keep it that way.

“My parents are immigrants to this country,” Yang says. “They came here looking for a better life. It’s a real bummer to hear Trump talking about ‘x people are ruining this country’…These words, even though we might shrug them off, have a real effect. There’s been a big uptick in hate crimes.”

The proceeds from the coloring book go to the International Institute of the Bay Area, a nonprofit that gives immigrants low-cost or free legal help with paperwork. “They’re doing really important work,” he says. “And they’ve seen a big increase in people coming into their offices since the primaries started. People were worried about Trump.”

Those who can’t afford to contribute can still download the coloring book if they promise to register to vote–and to “speak out against hateful speech whenever you encounter it in your community, even if the people being hated on look nothing like you, and even if it’s awkward.”

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