This Fan-Made “Firefly” Animated Series Teaser Will Delight You And Break Your Heart

They can’t take the sky from us.

This Fan-Made “Firefly” Animated Series Teaser Will Delight You And Break Your Heart

WHAT: A fan-made trailer for a Firefly animated series that won’t (but should absolutely) ever be made.

WHO: The teaser was created by comic book artist Stephen Byrne, who also drew the Serenity story in Dark Horse’s Free Comic Book Day giveaway earlier this year. (Firefly itself, of course, was created by Joss Whedon.)

WHY WE CARE: The unjust cancellation of Firefly is one of the tragedies of the pre-prestige TV era. While it’s possible that a show as good as Firefly might not have succeeded even in an age when quality shows tend to earn their space in the hype cycle, it’s almost definitely true that the episodes, when they aired, would have been shown in order and given the chance to find its audience. But, alas, what’s done is done, and 13 years after the end of Firefly, it’s a given that the show’s complicated rights, aging cast, and overall reputation as a financial failure (a rep buttressed by the fact that its unlikely film follow-up, 2005’s Serenity, underperformed at the box office), it seems very likely that any continued adventures of the crew of the spaceship that captured fans’ hearts will exist mostly in dreams, fan-fiction, and the occasional comic book. That’s all better than nothing, but for those of us who’d like to see Mal, Zoe, Jayne, Inara, and the rest of the crew actually move around again, Byrne’s 40-second fan trailer is a wistful look at a world we’d like to live in–one in which Firefly could exist on our screens again despite all of the insurmountable obstacles that have kept the property mostly dormant even as Whedon’s career has bloomed into that of a Hollywood powerhouse. Still, they can’t take the sky from us, so we’ll watch Byrne’s teaser a few dozen times and dream of what might have been.

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