Apple’s Angela Ahrendts, Maintaining Her Low Profile, Surprises At New Store Opening

Whither Angela Ahrendts?

Since departing Burberry for Apple’s retail empire, the tech-savvy executive has been largely hidden from view. Instead, CEO Tim Cook does the talking.

Today was no different. Without any advance notice, Ahrendts appeared in the back of Apple’s latest store, a two-story space tucked behind the Santiago Calatrava-designed ribs that define the “Oculus,” a new mall and transit hub at the edge of the World Trade Center site. Unlike the store Apple unveiled in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, last month, this location keeps architectural detail to a minimum. Long, back-lit panels on the ceiling echo Calatrava’s upward-stretching skeleton, but in most regards the store is a plain box outfitted with Apple gadgets and smiling staff in blue T-shirts.

For a brief quarter-hour at lunchtime, Ahrendts smiled for the cameras and took in the bustling crowds. Then, once again, she was gone.

[Photos: Celine Grouard for Fast Company]

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