Red Bull’s New Snowboard Film “The Fourth Phase” Mixes Environmentalism And Adrenaline

WHAT: The trailer to The Fourth Phase, the latest in Red Bull’s multi-year, big-budget action film series following pro snowboarder Travis Rice and his compatriots around the globe, chasing the hydrological cycle around the North Pacific on a 16,000-mile course.

WHO: Red Bull, Brain Farm

WHY WE CARE: According to Brain Farm’s founder Curt Morgan, it took more than two years of pre-production and logistical planning for them to adequately follow-up 2011’s hit The Art of Flight. Frankly, this is Red Bull Media House at its best, delivering action sports in the most high-profile, technologically advanced, epic fashion. The film was shot entirely in 4K ultra high-definition, and will premiere on Red Bull’s own Red Bull TV app on October 2.