Heineken Uses Google API To Create A Yelp-Like Pub Guide For NYC Soccer Fans

The new mobile platform “Soccer Is Here” aims to help fans find the right place to drink beer in the morning.

Heineken Uses Google API To Create A Yelp-Like Pub Guide For NYC Soccer Fans

Thanks to the magic of time zones, for many stateside fans of European soccer leagues, the biggest dilemma every weekend is how to manage a beer buzz before 11 a.m. Perhaps the most significant challenge before that is to find just the right place to watch your favorite team play. No one wants to get to a pub, settle in, order a beer, and then realize they’re surrounded by *shudder* Chelsea fans. But fear not! Now Heineken and Google say they’ve come up with a solution.

Soccer Is Here–named after the brand’s ongoing soccer campaign–is a new mobile platform that’s essentially a Yelp for footie fans. Built on the Google Maps API and powered by Google Local Guides, Places, and Search, the app allows people in the greater New York City area to enter a variety of team and league-specific details to find the right place to watch a game with like-minded fans. You can then search by league, match, or venue for the UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, La Liga, and Major League Soccer.

In an email, Heineken USA brand manager Rob Ryder says they saw an opportunity for a mobile-first platform to reach soccer fans through a seamless tool that helps get them to nearby bars with their fellow team supporters to enjoy the beautiful game.

The platform is currently only available in the NYC area as a pilot market, but Ryder says Heineken USA is excited about the possibility to expand the program to other cities.

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