Electrolux Wants To Pay You $10,000 For Your Food Innovation Ideas

The Electrolux Global Ideas Lab competition offers the chance to work with Stockholm startups to make your idea a reality.

Electrolux Wants To Pay You $10,000 For Your Food Innovation Ideas

WHAT: Home appliance giant Electrolux launches a food innovation contest, offering people the chance to win $10,000 and a trip to Stockholm to work with startups on their idea.

WHO: Electrolux

WHY WE CARE: The mantra “good ideas can come from anywhere” has just about reached its dry-heave saturation point, but that’s mostly due to brands and corporations using it as an empty gesture of self-congratulations. Here, the Swedish home appliances multinational is trying to put it to use by using a contest to crowdsource creative ideas. The brand has launched its Electrolux Global Ideas Lab to “drive ideas generation and create positive impact in the food landscape.”

In a statement, chief marketing officer MaryKay Kopf said, “We live in a rapidly changing world. The best ideas for the homes of the future might not come from one of our labs, but probably already exist in the minds of moms and dads, food bloggers or home chefs . . . By creating this platform, to tap the minds of our consumers, we will celebrate the creative minds out there and enable them to take their thinking even further. This will also help us at Electrolux become even better at creating remarkable consumer experiences through our products and services.”

Okay, the do-good aspect is a great marketing move for more than a few reasons–most notably that people are flocking to brands making a positive social or environmental impact. But this contest also gets people involved, which is something researchers have linked to brand loyalty. And who knows, it might even find something as useful as a Slap Chop.

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