Nike’s Newest Superstar Is An 86-Year-Old Nun

The Swoosh’s “Unlimited” campaign celebrates Sister Madonna Buder’s status as an age-defying Iron Man triathlete.

Nike’s Newest Superstar Is An 86-Year-Old Nun

WHAT: The latest ad in Nike’s new “Unlimited” campaign stars 86-year-old Sister Madonna Buder, who shows us that the limitations of age may be a mirage.

WHO: Nike, Wieden+Kennedy Portland

WHY WE CARE: How do you follow up a pep talk to superstar babies, Chance the Rapper, and the first transgender athlete to compete as part of the U.S. Men’s Olympic team? Well, an 86-year-old nun/Iron Man triathlete ain’t a bad choice.

Sister Madonna Buder completed her first Iron Man race in 1985 at the age of 65, and a decade later became the oldest woman to ever complete an Iron Man triathlon. Now, at 40 races, the Iron Nun is a perfect fit for what Nike CMO Greg Hoffman told Co.Create was the campaign’s goal of exposing the barriers that prevent athletes from achieving the best version of themselves.

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