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New York’s Holy Grail Transit Map Is Here: The Bus And Subway In One Place

You might have mastered the subway, but have you mastered the bus? Now you can be a true New York commuting pro.

New York’s Holy Grail Transit Map Is Here: The Bus And Subway In One Place

Many New Yorkers never set foot on a bus and part of the reason is that they just don’t know where all of those confusing bus lines will take them.

And why is that? Unbelievably, despite a proliferation of some pretty great bus transit apps, there is no really great map that shows how the buses link up to the subway system on the same piece of paper or digital screen.

Map designer Anthony Denaro has finally changed that, with a sprawling new transit map that manages to jam all the city’s bus and subway lines into one space. The major innovation: removing all the unnecessary junk that otherwise clutters must subway maps, including roadway outlines (that’s why you’re taking the subway, because you’re not in a car), bridges, tunnels, and commuter rail lines.

Gothamist notes that this map will help New Yorkers get the most out of their Metrocards, since transfers between bus and subway are free. Better map design could be a way to relieve overcrowding on the subways. Denaro writes that over recent years, subway ridership has gone way up while bus riderships is decreasing. This is despite the fact that it’s never been easier to take the bus now that the MTA offers real-time arrival information, which is something that they have not been able to do for the majority of subway lines.

Obviously, this map is not for tourists. But for the recent arrival who wants to sound like a native by using more bus lines than just the M60 to LaGuardia Airport? It’s perfect.

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