“Futurama” Voice Artist Made The Internet’s Trump Mashup Dreams Come Awesomely True

It hasn’t escaped fan notice that Zapp Brannigan bears resemblance to a certain presidential candidate; now Billy West has heeded the call.

“Futurama” Voice Artist Made The Internet’s Trump Mashup Dreams Come Awesomely True
[Source Photo: Flickr user Gage Skidmore]

Although the Futurama character Zapp Brannigan is known to be based on Captain Kirk, these days it seems as though he could’ve been patterned after questionable captain of industry and current clown-golem presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The series’ craven, misogynist 25-star general Brannigan is so full of himself he could’ve absorbed several clones, and his crew openly disrespects him. These traits are not dissimilar to the ambulatory tornado of mac-and-cheese powder that may be America’s next president. Since the Internet is nothing if not terrifyingly observant, the resemblance did not escape its attention. Recently, Redditor 1stBagpipeOfBraavos posted a gallery of macros in which Brannigan quotes are placed over Trump images and vice versa. It is shocking the degree to which this mashup is spot-on. Apparently, the shining star in the galaxy of Futurama‘s voice cast agrees.

Billy West is the legendary voice behind Ren, Stimpy, and much of the principal cast of Futurama. He is also probably With Her. West recently recorded some tasty Donald Trump quotes–they get more and more unbelievable every day–in the pompous intonation of Captain Zapp Brannigan. It’s a very funny rendering and it proves, once again, that if you wish for it on the Internet, the universe will provide.

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