President Obama’s Summer Playlist Is Lit

And if you’ve ever wondered what the President listens to after dark, well, it’s D’Angelo and “Lover Man,” if you know what we mean.

WHAT: President Obama’s summer playlist for 2016–both the “daytime” and “nighttime” editions.


WHO: Everybody from Chance the Rapper to Nina Simone to Courtney Barnett to Fiona Apple gets represented here.

WHY WE CARE: Obama’s tenure as America’s Cool Dad/President of the United States is nearly at an end, and we are unlikely to elect somebody else who posts with-it playlists featuring Pitchfork-worthy acts like Chance and Barnett–or underrated recent jams like Esperanza Spalding’s “Espera” and Nas & Damian Marley’s “As We Enter”–to follow him as leader of the free world. (Hillary Clinton’s playlist is, presumably, 90% Stevie Nicks songs, while Donald Trump probably listens mostly to his own audiobooks.) We’ll miss this guy’s ability to engage with the culture in ways that few presidents do, and also–these playlists are really friggin’ good. The fact that you can turn to the President of the United States for a collection of A+ jams that range from the hottest acts of 2016 to Billie Holiday classics is novel, but if you are just looking for a hot playlist to get you through your workday, you could do a lot worse than following Obama’s lead here. To that end, listen to our Spotify version of the playlists below:

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