Before J-Lo’s “Cocaine Godmother” HBO Movie, Watch Maya Rudolph Take Her On

Jennifer Lopez is set to play legendary drug lord Griselda Blanco for HBO, but Maya Rudolph beat her to it on “Drunk History”

Before J-Lo’s “Cocaine Godmother” HBO Movie, Watch Maya Rudolph Take Her On

Shades of Blue star Jennifer Lopez is about to be dealing heavily in shades of white.

HBO just announced that the luminous Lopez will executive produce and star in an upcoming movie about Griselda Blanco, better known by the priceless moniker, “Cocaine Godmother.” Although the movie itself is many Bolivian marching powder-fueled moons away, it’s a perfect time to bone up on this intriguing figure with another recent pop culture portrayal.

Griselda Blanco and Jennifer Lopez[Photos: via Wikimedia (Griselda Blanco); Image Group LA, ABC (Jennifer Lopez)]

On a 2015 episode of the hit inebriated storytelling series, Drunk History, Maya Rudolph stepped into the steep Manolos of Griselda Blanco. For those who don’t know about Blanco, she was basically the female Scarface, revolutionizing the cocaine game in the ’70s and ’80s and setting an all-time high bar for aspiring female drug kingpins. Rudolph’s take on the character is slightly silly, but played straight for the most part–in keeping with Drunk History house style. It also hints, however, at the possibilities held by a full-length film with a strong lead.

As the wait begins for that film, enjoy Rudolph’s performance below.

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