Set An Eerie ’80s Mood With This New Track From The “Stranger Things” Score

The first track released from the Stranger Things soundtrack brings John Carpenter vibes, even when you’re not watching the show.

Set An Eerie ’80s Mood With This New Track From The “Stranger Things” Score
[Photo: Curtis Baker, courtesy of Netflix]

WHAT: The first track released from the anticipated Stranger Things soundtrack.

WHO: Composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, who work together as SURVIVE.

WHY WE CARE: Of all the supernatural mysteries viewers of Netflix’s surprise smash, Stranger Things, had to work out, chief among them was: How do I get these earworms out of my head? It’s a problem that stems from the John Carpenter-style soundtrack that appropriately accompanies a show set in 1983. The overall aesthetic is period-authentic, which extends to the propulsive synth majesty piped in over nearly every scene. (And of course, blessedly, the title font.) Fans who wanted to stay entrenched in the world of the show beyond rewatching it have been clamoring for a proper soundtrack release. Netflix put out an official playlist from the series, featuring songs like the ever-present “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?” It wasn’t quite enough. Today, Netflix and Lakeshore Records finally released a track of the original music from the show that fans have been craving. On first listen, it appears to be just as eerie and spectral as it is in context, which is “very.” The first volume of the two-part soundtrack will be available tomorrow.

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