From Getting Your Emails Read To Workplace Slights: This Week’s Top Leadership Stories

This week’s top stories may finally get your coworkers to read your emails and help you recover from the workplace’s daily injustices.


This week we learned how to write more open-worthy email subject lines, what it takes to bounce back from unfair treatment, and how to put downtime to more productive use.


These are the stories you loved in Leadership for the week of August 8.

1. 4 Data-Backed Strategies For Writing Email Subject Lines That Get Opened

Got a feeling that too many of your emails are being ignored or deleted unread? What you write in the subject field could be the culprit. This week we discovered what tech researchers say should appear in the subject lines of emails that are statistically more likely to be opened.

2. 4 Ways To Bounce Back When You’re Treated Unfairly At Work

Experts believe there are actually three kinds of injustice that we’re likely to experience at work: “distributive,” “procedural,” and “interpersonal.” Here’s how they differ, plus a few strategies you can use to recover from the latest slight, no matter which category it falls into.

3. The Fastest-Growing Job Categories For Flexible Work May Surprise You

You might not see the federal government as a leader when it comes to flexible work arrangements, but the latest data from FlexJobs says that’s exactly the case. Here’s a look at the other unexpected fields that are championing remote employment.

4. These 4 Hobbies Can Actually Improve Job Performance

Turns out the way you spend your downtime can affect how well you do on the job. This week Fast Company asked a research psychologist why that may be true, and which hobbies have the biggest positive impact.

5. Master Public Speakers’ Five Rules For Powerful Openings

Got a formula you use to kick off every talk you give? Scrap it–your listeners can tell it’s canned. Keep these five guidelines front-and-center instead as you craft a fresh opening.