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Creative Minds Think Inside The Box: Sign Up For The Co.Create Newsletter

The internet and social media are fueled by the twin forces of “Have You Seen This?” and “You Need To See This!”–between those two pillars are born endless news feeds, Facebook posts, and poorly-formatted emails from elderly relatives.

But don’t you want more?

You’re savvy. You’re connected. You possess a curious and insightful mind. Most of all–you’ve come to expect more than just a punny headline and a video embed. You’ve put the listicle and the siren call of “You Won’t Believe Who Made #6 On This List of Most Awful People Named Keith” well behind you. You want to dig in to pop culture in new and innovative ways. You want the stories behind the creation of your favorite art. You see films, television, music, books, web content, advertising, and fine art existing in a co-habitable, interconnected universe, not in sterile, insider-only silos. Pop culture informs our conversations, our collective memory, and our personal identity. So get more informed about it.

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Eric is Editor of CoCreate. He's been a writer and editor with NBC, Premiere, Mental Floss, Maxim, the G4 Network's Attack of the Show and others.



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