Turns Out, All Of Your Favorite Movie Characters Are Addicted To “Pokemon Go”

Even in the middle of a chase, apparently, it’s never a bad time to catch them all.

Turns Out, All Of Your Favorite Movie Characters Are Addicted To “Pokemon Go”

WHAT: A well-done video that edits famous movie scenes to make the characters look like they were playing Pokémon Go.

WHO: The team at Movie Remixer.

WHY WE CARE: Even though someone has already caught them all, that doesn’t mean anyone is going to stop playing Pokémon Go. Look around you. This is just the way the world is now, and there’s no going back to the Before Time. Those days are but the shadow of a cloak of dust. Nor is there any way, however, to go back to the time before Pokémon Go parodies; thus, Co.Create is rebuking its self-imposed embargo on those parodies. In the latest one, James Bond, Iron Man, and a host of other beloved movie characters appear to be chasing a Squirtle whenever they’re holding a phone. In the same way an accurate reboot of any movie made before 2007 would need at least a couple characters looking at their iPhones at all times, perhaps in the future no contemporary film will seem authentic if the lead character doesn’t pause periodically to acquire a Charizid.

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