The Roots Cut Two Versions Of A New Single So Your Stella Artois Can Taste Even Better

Each version is designed at a specific pitch to enhance the flavors of your Stella. It’s science!

The Roots Cut Two Versions Of A New Single So Your Stella Artois Can Taste Even Better

WHAT: Two versions of “Bittersweet,” the incongruously named party jam from The Roots, which the Philadelphia-based hip-hop crew created in collaboration with Stella Artois, as part of the beer brand’s “Host One to Remember” campaign.

WHO: Both versions of the track feature Black Thought on vocals, and Questlove’s drums keeping the beat.

WHY WE CARE: Alcohol companies have recognized the power of hip-hop partnerships since before “Pass the Courvoisier,” so it’s not a surprise to see Stella Artois looking to tap the talents of rappers in the new campaign. The fact that they went to a group with the old-school cred of The Roots is interesting, though–but it makes sense, since the campaign isn’t just about dropping lines like “At the tip of my tongue if I could just describe / Unforgettable what Stella Artois provides,” but also something called “crossmodal correspondence.” The idea behind that theory, as researched by Oxford professor Charles Spence, is that one sense can affect another–which is why there are two different versions of “Bittersweet,” each in a different pitch, and each of which is supposed to enhance different properties of the beer. It sounds a little bit like fake science, but the only way to know for sure if it works is to pick up a Stella and try, so that’s an even more compelling reason to buy one than hearing Black Thought rap, “come get your thirst quenched / I’m a craftsman with the tools by my workbench.”

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