This Hijab-Wearing Avenger Is The Captain America We Need Right Now

With great attention to detail and her hijab as accessory, this Captain America cosplayer is awesomely representing a lot of things at once.

The transcendent thing about cosplay is that nobody has to wait for an all-female Ghostbusters reboot to dream out loud about being included in something they’ve been excluded from. It gives fans the freedom to ret-con what’s considered canon, and swap around genders, ages, and ethnicities like panels on a Japanese puzzle box. Granted, Halloween does the same thing every year, but it’s not the same. In any case, it’s powerful to see the joy this hijab-wearing woman takes in embodying Captain America–especially considering that the character’s namesake country now has a presidential candidate actively fomenting both sexism and Islamophobia. Cosplayer Hijabi Hooligan made a lot of cool choices with her outfit–the patriotic corset is a nice touch–and she also made a point.


[via io9]

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