From Earning A Raise To Marijuana Tech: This Week’s Top Leadership Stories

This week’s top stories may help you earn a raise no matter where you work, and might even make you consider a move to the weed sector.

This week’s top stories may help remote workers earn their due, give you an insider’s look at the marijuana startup scene, and help you stick to your points when you’ve only got a few minutes for your next presentation.


Here are the stories you loved in Leadership for the week of August 1:

1. How To Get The Raise You Deserve When You Work From Home

When you aren’t physically in the office every day, your boss can’t see you doing all the great work you do, which can be an obstacle to earning a salary bump. This week we learned what remote workers can do to better position themselves for raises.

2. Five Secrets For Delivering A Short Presentation Without Sacrificing The Message

You may worry you’re leaving the bulk of your ideas on the cutting-room floor when you’re given only a few quick minutes to talk. So Fast Company asked the head of Toastmasters International for some tips.

3. This Is What It’s Like To Work For A Marijuana Startup

Feeling like it’s high time to quit your day job and get into the (legal) weed business? This week, some leaders in the budding industry offer a stone-cold-sober look at life in cannabis tech.

4. What I Learned When I Quit My Job, Moved To The Caribbean, And Became My Own Boss

You may dream of quitting your office job and working for yourself from a pristine beach, but this entrepreneur actually did it. It wasn’t easy, though. A few months into her new solo career in coastal Belize, Jeanna Barrett explains the surprises–good, bad, and plenty in between–she faced while setting up her new business.

5. Six Ways To Slay The Summer Slump

Admit it: You’d rather be sipping a Mai Tai right around now, wouldn’t you? Unfortunately, you’ve got work to do first. Here are some tips to help you keep productive when it counts, so you can enjoy your summer plans in earnest–and return from vacation refreshed, not frazzled.