Ikea Shows What FOMO Might’ve Been Like In The 18th Century

There wasn’t an app for that.

Ikea Shows What FOMO Might’ve Been Like In The 18th Century

WHAT: A look at what FOMO might’ve looked like in the 18th century, when an aristocratic family decides to “share” the perfect dinner with their social network.

WHO: Ikea, Acne

WHY WE CARE: It’s fun to see our modern habits in the context of another time, but here Ikea is using the past to shame our obsession with meal shots on Instagram and Facebook. Based on the brand’s Life at Home report, which surveyed and studied families and homes in 12 cities around the world–Berlin, London, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Shanghai, Stockholm, Sydney, Toronto, Zurich, and Madrid–the spot is a plea to enjoy the moment itself more than the urge to share it online. One of the report’s findings was that 23% of those families surveyed think it’s more important to have good Wi-Fi than social spaces at home, while 19% think it’s more important to keep in contact with friends online than to invite them to their homes. The look on the daughter’s face (at 1:23) says it all.

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