This U.S. Map Reveals Which D-List Celebrity Your State Googles Most

Nothing can come between the great state of Vermont and its unabiding love for Randy Quaid, apparently.

This U.S. Map Reveals Which D-List Celebrity Your State Googles Most
The state of Louisiana is curious about Steven Seagal [Photo: Flickr user Gage Skidmore]

It used to be detectives and stalkers knew that the easiest way to get the most revealing glimpse of someone’s actual true self was by raiding their trash. Now all one has to do is get a look at a person’s Google search history to learn the innermost workings of their soul.

The team at real estate website Estately has established themselves as data-set samurais who find new and intriguing ways to root around in the digital trash cans of every state in the U.S. In the latest Estately roundup peers into which D-list celebrities each state Googles the most.

What can we learn from this information? Well, Massachusetts’s love for Donnie Wahlberg is a testament to its loyalty to hometown boys who keep it real and also apparently never change their name to something more adult. Also, Texas’s enduring fascination with Brian Austin Green probably owes more to a love of anybody with one of the state’s famous cities in their name. (Look sharp, Marques Houston.)

What the map does not reveal, however, is whether any of these performers live in these states, juking the data with daily vanity Googlings. As it turns out, though, Andrew Dice Clay does at least temporarily reside in Las Vegas, and Steven Seagal was at one point maybe a cop in New Orleans? I found that out by Googling it.

Have a look at the full infographic below.

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