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Dr. Richard Park On Sustaining A Mission

Dr. Richard Park On Sustaining A Mission

Dr. Richard Park is the founder and CEO of CityMD, a fast-growing chain of walk-in health clinics based in New York. The five-year-old company is on pace to have more than 70 locations by the end of the year.


CityMD not only clearly defines company goals to new hires through training, says Park, but it also reinforces them with metrics. Each clinic collects and manages data on its doctors’ performance to ensure that it’s in line with the company’s overall mission of “serving kindness.”


Park is determined not to let CityMD’s expansion erode its mission. For example, the clinic in Jackson Heights, Queens, serves many patients who don’t have commercial insurance—a reality that caused the clinic to lose money in its first year. But it was outfitted exactly like all other CityMD locations, from the furniture to the equipment. “If your mission is to serve kindness, you have to put your money where your mouth is,” says Park. “We’re not going to water down the Jackson Heights clinic. We still want to offer dignified care.”

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As the company has grown, Park has embraced a more decentralized approach that pushes accountability to each clinic. After all, that’s where patient care is defined, by the local team delivering it. “Every site has to have its own CEO,” says Park. “Every site has to believe that they’re in charge of their destiny.”

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