What If What Really Makes You Cry In Pixar Movies Is The Music?

WHAT: A 10-minute look at how Pixar uses music to make us all cry.

WHO: YouTubers Sideways.

WHY WE CARE: If you didn’t tear up a little at the self-sacrifice of Bing Bong in Inside Out, or the legendarily heart-stomping first 10 minutes of Up, there is a chance you are secretly a clone vessel for harvesting organs. Last year, comedy hub Above Average released a video purporting to tell the truth about why Pixar movies make us cry. This is how we learned about Pixar’s (nonexistent) Sadness Lab. Co.Create later talked to the writer of Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur about all the crying these movies facilitate, and she claims it’s the result of emotional storytelling. But what if, as a new theory posits, it’s Pixar’s music that cranks the waterworks in the studio’s movies? Instead of just piping in traditional weepy violins and piccolos or whatever, Pixar’s technique is layering sad scenes with contrasting music to take your emotions by surprise. All those who left Finding Dory recently with shirts that looked like they may have briefly been under a sea of tears can attest to the technique’s effectiveness.