Third Party Candidate? “Game Of Thrones” Forms The GOT Party

Yes, you can vote for Lyanna Mormont.

Third Party Candidate? “Game Of Thrones” Forms The GOT Party

WHAT: A vaguely political-themed campaign for the digital release of Game Of Thrones season six on DVD that presents the series’ various throne-hunters in a more conventional political context.

WHO: All the regulars–Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, Peter Baelish–are clamoring for your votes on the GOT Party website, while the accompanying campaign ad also places the High Sparrow (a dead ringer for Bernie Sanders!), House Bolton, and the Dothraki horde into the mix.

WHY WE CARE: This isn’t exactly political commentary of the kind that, say, The Simpsons engaged in recently. There’s not much of a statement about anybody in U.S. politics to be found here–the theme is mostly “an election is happening, also the latest season of Game Of Thrones is coming to digital soon.” But that works for us, because A) any attempt to draw a real parallel between this election season and GoT is almost certain to be too heavy-handed, and B) it’s fun to imagine voting being important in a world where leaders appear to be chosen primarily by a bunch of guys banging their swords on the ground and chanting “The King In The North!” over and over again. To that end, the website allows fans to vote for their dream ticket–with Daenerys paired with Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow getting fan-favorite scene-stealer Lyanna Mormont as his running mate, Cersei Lannister in a Trump/Pence style shotgun partnership with Qyburn, and Littlefinger running with Sansa Stark (despite her clear lack of interest in being a part of such a ticket). It’s not weighty stuff, but if this election season has you so depressed that the idea of being able to cast a vote in a world where leaders routinely behead the opposition and destroy their enemies with direwolves and wildfire appeals to you, well, HBO’s tapped into that sentiment.

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