“The Simpsons” Take on Trump And Clinton In New Political Ad Spoof

A new clip from the executive producers of The Simpsons finds Homer and Marge contemplating their votes.

“The Simpsons” Take on Trump And Clinton In New Political Ad Spoof

WHAT: “3 a.m.,” a new spoof of the famous Hillary Clinton political ad from 2008.

WHO: The creative team behind The Simpsons.

WHY WE CARE: The Simpsons does not shy away from making political statements. The show has been openly critical of its Fox network overlords at News Corp for decades, roasted every sitting president since 1989, and outsourced a couch gag to Banksy that criticized the makers of Simpsons merchandise. Now the producers behind the show are weighing in on the impending November election. Contrary to The Simpsons‘ long-ago prophecy that Donald Trump would be president someday, it seems like an orange White House is something our beloved yellow friends do not want–or at least Marge doesn’t. The fact that the political ad in this short clip that sways her is “paid for by Americans who really are starting to miss Obama” further clarifies just where the show’s creators are coming from.

Watch another short Simpsons video, “Trumptastic Voyage,” satirizing the Republican candidate from a year ago, below.

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