What Would A Quentin Tarantino “Suicide Squad” Look Like? Funny You Should Ask . . .

They’re a bunch of very bad mother$&#@ers who can do some good.

What Would A Quentin Tarantino “Suicide Squad” Look Like? Funny You Should Ask . . .

WHAT: A fake trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s Suicide Squad, which reimagines Warner Bros’ forthcoming bad-guys-as-superheroes adventure as a team-up of Tarantino’s most compelling antiheroes.

WHO: The video comes to us from Loot Crate Productions–the content arm of the monthly nerd-swag subscription service–and features filmmaker Julian Higgins doing his best to parody Tarantino’s distinctive style. Actors whose resumes include roles like “husband” on episodes of Scandal and “technician” on The Fosters do a surprisingly deft job depicting Tarantino himself and his most famous characters.

WHY WE CARE: If we’re talking comics, this idea is maybe 30% Suicide Squad, 60% Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. But who cares about all of that when we can imagine a movie in which Jules from Pulp Fiction, The Bride from Kill Bill, Aldo Raine from Inglourious Basterds, and Django himself all team up to unleash their unique brand of havoc on the world together? The mental hurdles we’d have to jump through to make that make sense might be exhausting, but the reminder of just how many extremely satisfying antiheroes Tarantino has created, and how much fun it would be to see them interact, is worth it. The jury is still out on Suicide Squad–it hasn’t screened for critics yet–but if the concept of putting a bunch of very bad motherfuckers who they think can do some good inspires this kind of knock-off fake trailer for the next few weeks, we’ll probably click “play” on all of them.

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