This Is The Chinese Communist Party’s First-Ever TV Commercial

WHAT: A heart-tugging TV ad to celebrate the 95th birthday of China’s Communist Party.

WHO: Communist Party of China (CCP), CCTV (China’s state broadcaster)

WHY WE CARE: Anyone would be forgiven for mistaking this film, with its wistful vignettes of ordinary, hardworking, selfless people going about their business, for a bank, insurance company, or telco commercial. But, in fact, it’s been made by the CCP to mark 95 years since its foundation.

Unveiled this week, with reportedly mixed reviews from the country’s citizens, it seems to be intended to convey the togetherness and kindliness of the Chinese people under an ever-present ruling party. It ends with the words “I am the Chinese Communist Party. I will be with you forever.” Apparently they forgot the disclaimer, “side effects may include loss of rights, imprisonment without trial, and involuntary military service.”