NBA Star James Harden’s Totally Helpful Inner Voice…Is Colin Farrell?

Because Foot Locker knows we all have a little Irish actor in our heads… right?

WHAT: Houston Rockets star James Harden reveals the secrets of his inner voice in Foot Locker’s new back-to-school campaign.


WHO: Foot Locker, BBDO New York

WHY WE CARE: The brand’s ability to get NBA stars, and specifically Harden–who’s been in the studio with Steph Curry, doing whatever the Twitterverse says, and more–to tap their inner weirdo reaches impressive heights with this one. Double points for somehow convincing Farrell to go along with it enough to at least get to a sound booth somewhere to record the hilariously enthusiastic voiceovers. It sets the bar pretty high for the follow-up, which will hopefully reveal that the inner voice of Philadelphia 76ers’ 2016 first-overall draft pick Ben Simmons is actually Chris Hemsworth.

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