The People’s Pokédex: The Rock Takes Over “Pokémon Go”

He is, after all, a man of the people.

The People’s Pokédex: The Rock Takes Over “Pokémon Go”

WHAT: The first new video from The Rock’s just-launched YouTube channel takes on a Pokémon Go theme, because basically everything right now has a Pokémon Go theme.

WHO: For this one, our man Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson teams with YouTube stars Ali-A and MatPat.

WHY WE CARE: We care about basically everything The Rock does, and we are constantly amazed that there seems to be no limit to the things he gets up to. (Is he going to launch a surprise third-party campaign for president? It seems possible!) As we get a better idea of what his YouTube channel is going to be all about, this video gives us a hint. YouTube stars + flexible, zeitgeist-y content + playing off The Rock’s persona in an unlikely scenario = viral content gold. So while today it’s Pokémon, next week it’ll probably be whatever thing the Internet is obsessed with then. Added bonus for The Rock going into out-of-touch Dad Mode at the end selfie-ing himself at the gym and explaining what the video was about–as long as he’s this good-natured and goofy, we’ll make time for whatever it is he’s got going on.

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