British Comedian Hilariously Tries Olympic Sports In Samsung School Of Rio

WHAT: A series of ads for Samsung’s Olympic campaign, in which British comedian Jack Whitehall tries to learn sports from a series of Team Great Britain Olympic and Paralympic stars.

WHO: Samsung Electronics, BBH Sport

WHY WE CARE: It is a brave man who calls retired U.K. rower and five-time Olympic gold medalist, Sir Steven Redgrave, “granddad.” But that is just one of many insults comedian Jack Whitehall hurls at some of Britain’s greatest sporting heroes in this series of pre-Rio 2016 spots for Samsung. Sir Bradley Wiggins, one of the world’s most successful cyclists, is described as having the physique of “someone that’s been shipwrecked.”

In the three spots released so far, Whitehall has a go at rowing, cycling, and boxing with hilarious results. More films featuring other sports, including swimming and equestrian will follow. The series comes after last year’s Samsung School of Rugby, in which Whitehall made a fool of himself trying to decode the baffling rules of the sport, aided by the England rugby team. The new series also includes Whitehall awkwardly dumping his rugby chums.