This Is What Humans Would Look Like If We Could Survive A Car Crash

WHAT: An auto safety PSA in the form of a life-sized figure representing the anatomy humans would need in order to cope with car accidents.

WHO: Transport Accident Commission (Victoria, Australia), Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, Patricia Piccinini

WHY WE CARE: It’s possible, especially when young, to feel like nothing can hurt us, but here is a stark and slightly disturbing reminder that the human body is simply not designed to deal with some of the forces to which it is often subjected. The Transport Accident Commission, a Victoria government body, and ad agency Clemenger BBDO Melbourne created this PSA with a difference by working with sculptor Patricia Piccinini, who consulted a trauma surgeon and a crash investigator to develop “Graham.”

Graham’s body has features that humans might have if we had evolved with a view to surviving a car crash. But, given we haven’t, Graham is here to help us understand why improving road safety is so important. An interactive website allows people to explore Graham’s anatomy, and get more details on his physique and why it has been altered in the way it has. Except for maybe the goatee.

The figure, made from silicone, glass fibre, resin and human hair, is currently on show at the State Library of Victoria, and will also be shown more widely around the state of Victoria.