Street Artist Builds A Wall Around Donald Trump’s Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

WHAT: An itty-bitty little wall around Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

WHO: The wall was built by street artist and “urban creative strategist” Plastic Jesus.

WHY WE CARE: If you thought all of the Trump talk of the past year was a lot, we’re entering into the real stretch of election season, which means that there’s going to be more and more to say about the GOP nominee for President. With that in mind, only the ideas that are extremely creative and clever are going to be more than a blip on our attention span–but a well-known street artist making a six-inch-tall statement (which may be bigger than the candidate’s hands?) about Trump’s core policy proposal definitely qualifies. According to LA Weekly, the wall is topped with razor wire, and features “keep out” signs alongside the grey concrete. Trump has long vowed to make America great again, and while that’s all a matter of opinion, he’s definitely had the unexpected byproduct of making protest art interesting again.