The New 2 Chainz Video Is Really A Commercial For Booze Brand Hpnotiq

The rapper and his dog Trappy walk us through a branded tour of the ultimate early-aughts hip hop house party.

The New 2 Chainz Video Is Really A Commercial For Booze Brand Hpnotiq

WHAT: A music video for 2 Chainz “Not Invited” that doubles as a four-minute ad for liqeur brand Hpnotiq.

WHO: Hpnotiq, Team Epiphany, 2 Chainz

WHY WE CARE: Rap and hip hop artists have a long and illustrious history with brands, whether it’s unofficial endorsements or incognito authorship. So it should come as no surprise when a major artist teams with a brand to create his latest music video. Here we have one of the world’s best known blue boozes creating and debuting 2 Chainz new video for the track “Not Invited,” off his most recent album ColleGrove.

Written and produced by ad agency Team Epiphany, and directed by Jordan Fish, the video is a throwback to the over-the-top house party, with Trappy the dog taking a trippy ride on a hoverboard.

In a statement, 2 Chainz said, “Hpnotiq is iconic. I don’t think a lot of people realize how important it was and is to rap music culture. So, me and Trappy had to bring it back on ‘em. R. Kelly had a whole wall of it in his video? Well we have a house full. It’s a new era.”

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