Take A Look At The Captain America Statue That’s Going Up In Brooklyn

If led to a fight and the duel is due, then the right and the white and the bronze will come through.

Take A Look At The Captain America Statue That’s Going Up In Brooklyn
[Photos: courtesy of Marvel]

WHAT: Our first look at the 13-foot-tall Captain America statue that will live in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park starting this fall.

WHO: Marvel’s Captain America.

Sketched design of a new Captain America statue honoring the character’s 75 years.Photo: Marvel via USA Today

WHY WE CARE: It’s been 75 years since Cap first threw his mighty shield (and punched out Hitler!), and for most of the decades that followed–he took the post-WWII ’40s and ’50s off from publishing, a fact that was explained away by having him freeze in a block of ice–those who’ve chosen to oppose his shield have, in fact, decided to yield. And the character has only grown more prominent in recent years, as the Chris Evans-led film franchise has managed to turn a character named “Captain America” into the biggest worldwide box office success of 2016. All of which is to say: Captain America is great, and beloved, and “just a kid from Brooklyn,” as Evans declared in his first outing as the character and as the statue’s base reads–which is why there’s a 13-foot-tall statue of the character (with the costume based on the version of him Evans wears in the films) going up in Brooklyn this summer. At the moment, the statue is preparing to be a selfie-station for fans at the San Diego Comic Con, but it’ll move to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park in early August. After a brief tour of duty there, it’ll be relocated 2.7 miles to the Southwest, where Cap will set up his permanent residence in Sunset Park. Delighting locals and tourists alike with a base that reads “Hometown Pride” and “Est. 1941”? He can do this all day.

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