The Political Cartoon Site The Nib Relaunched Just In Time For The Conventions

Pulitzer Prize finalist Matt Bors brings back his much-missed political cartooning network as things get real–or wildly fake–in Ohio.

WHAT: The return of The Nib, a much-loved political cartooning website that existed on from 2013-2015, just as the Republican and Democratic National Conventions get underway.


WHO: The Nib is the brainchild of Matt Bors, who ended his relationship with Medium last year and launched The Nib as a print book via Kickstarter. Now, it relaunches with First Look Media–best known for The Intercept–with cartoons by Bors, Rob Rogers, Andy Warner, Sophie Yanow, Gemma Correll, Joey Alison Sayers, and lots more to come.

WHY WE CARE: Political cartooning isn’t exactly a lost art, but it’s been at risk of being one for a while now–despite being a low-budget item at alt-weeklies and newspapers, it tends to be one of the first things to get axed when budgets get cut, and budgets get cut pretty frequently. So anytime an entity with funding decides to invest in political cartoons, we’re paying attention–it’s still a vital artform, and in increasingly absurd times, the degree of difficulty in doing it well only goes up. The fact that the plan over at The Nib seems to be so ambitious is compelling, too–right now, the site is built for mobile, which makes a lot of sense, but when the Democratic National Convention launches next week, they’re going to be combining the mobile-focused output with old-school broadsheets and handbills throughout the city. The site promises an “unreasonably large election newspaper” in Philadelphia, along with an art gallery opening a few blocks from Franklin Square. Making political cartooning great again is a noble endeavor, and The Nib is an important part of any innovation that’ll be happening in the medium–whoever is hosting it, and whatever form it takes.

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