An Adorable Kid And David Bowie Remind Us How Magical Flying Can Be

Heathrow Airport sidesteps long security lines and flight delays in favor of wide-eyed adventure.

An Adorable Kid And David Bowie Remind Us How Magical Flying Can Be

WHAT: A look at the airport through the eyes of an adorable little girl, about to embark on her first airplane ride.

WHO: Heathrow Airport, Havas London

WHY WE CARE: Remember what going to the airport was like as a kid? Do you remember getting annoyed at the guy in front of you at security for forgetting to take the seemingly $300 in loose change out of his pockets? Or fuming about that 30-minute flight delay? Of course not. You were too busy gawking at all the interesting people, and getting excited about flying through the air. That’s what Heathrow Airport expertly taps into here.

Set to David Bowie’s 1967 tune “When I Live My Dream,” this fun spot is very much a pupil of the John Lewis School of Feelsvertising–the mood, the classic tune, the child’s POV, even the visual tone rings familiar. Apparently, even Heathrow and agency Havas London know this, because that cute little Owl suitcase is on sale at John Lewis in the airport’s Terminal 2.


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