• 07.14.16

“Pokémon Of New York” Is The Last, Best Pokémon Go Parody We‘ll Post (Probably)

CollegeHumor made a “Humans of New York” parody of Pokémon Go to commemorate the moment we reached Peak Pokémon.

The purpose of Pokémon Go is to find rare objects in the wild. Perhaps you’ve noticed the steely gaze of roving pedestrians using their phones like metal detectors—though, statistically, you’ve done more than notice. The apocalyptically popular mobile game has also spawned a parallel cottage industry of finding rare content ideas in the wild. Within a few days of its release, there were not one but two pieces about using Pokémon Go as a dating app. Twitter memes are legion, so are wacky news roundups, and obviously brands are getting in on the action. When its not creating car crashes, Pokémon Go has been inspiring content. And though we at Co.Create have been enjoying it immensely, it is just about time for a moratorium. But first, here is one more entry in Pokémon Parody, a genre unto itself.


College Humor took on the pocket-sized monsters with a mashup parody that combines our tiny friends with another subject of frequent satire. Pokémon Of New York takes the book-launching photo project Humans of New York and turns it into a Pikachu confessional. PONY matches images of assorted Pokémon with the kind of quotes you’ve come to expect from HONY, which are indeed funny when transplanted to imaginary rodent dinosaur babies. “I hate when people say I’m a ‘Normal’ type,” could be the beginning of any HONY installment, but it sounds much better coming from Tauros. This isn’t the first Humans or Pokémon parody Co.Create has seen, but it’s the last we will bring to your attention (probably). Leave it to someone else to catch ‘em all.

[via Design Taxi]

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