Check Out This Terrifying Tightrope Rigged Along A Yosemite Waterfall

The line is directly in front of Vernal Fall, a 317-foot waterfall that gushes down at 860,000 gallons per minute.

Last month, a group of highwire enthusiasts built a tightrope in front of the 317-foot Vernal Fall waterfall in Yosemite National Park—and it looks just as cool (and nerve-racking) as you might imagine.


Kimberly Weglin, Ryan Jenks, Scott Hong, and Michael Melner set up the 420-foot highline in June, after “two years of dreaming, multiple scouting trips, and a failed rigging attempt,” according to Weglin’s post on The Outbound Collective.

But just after they finished, a slight complication arose: President Obama was visiting that part of the park and wanted to hike a trail nearby. Weglin writes that they had to de-rig the line during his visit and set it back up afterward. The upside? They got the chance to meet the POTUS and the first family.

Now, the line stands 150 feet high, and to walk across you also have to contend with the waterfall, which cascades down at about 860,000 gallons per minute right next to where you’d be moving. I think I’ll pass on this particular adventure.

To see more pictures of the Vernal Fall line and the brave souls who cross it, check out Weglin’s Instagram posts.

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