Uber For “Pokémon Go” Players Would Probably Go Like This

Awkward Uber driver conversations are more awkward than ever when the car service is exclusively devoted to Pokémon Go fanatics.

Uber For “Pokémon Go” Players Would Probably Go Like This

WHAT: Uber Go!, a fake ad for an Uber service that caters to Pokémon Go obsessives.

WHO: YouTuber Julien Solomita.

WHY WE CARE: It’s only been out a few days and Pokémon Go has already led tons of unsuspecting citizens to a sex shop, some dude’s house, and a dead body. The GPS-assisted augmented reality mobile game is putting players on the move as they attempt to find magical baby rodent dinosaurs hidden in the real world. (This is life in 2016, get used to it.) This video suggests a form of Uber developed specifically for these creature-chasers, one that is somehow even more awkward than regular Uber can often be. The best part is that Pokémon Go is so wildly popular, and so many of its players unable to drive, that everything that happens in the video has probably already happened.

But for fans who would prefer not to take Uber, however, there’s always Pokémon Drone.

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