Fiat’s New Ad Is The Cutest Nightmare Nature Has To Offer

WHAT: Fiat Strada Offroad ad

WHO: Agency Leo Burnett Tailor Made/Illustrator Alex Solis

WHY WE CARE: Nature. That majestic place we pine to return to in order to get away from it all and reconnect with the world around us–it’s also a savage playground where survival means gruesome endings for creatures lower on the food chain. So goes agency Leo Burnett Tailor Made’s logic in their ads for Fiat’s Strada Offroad. Playing off the campaign’s tagline “Nature isn’t cute. Your car shouldn’t be either,” illustrator Alex Solis juxtaposes the most adorable drawings of animals in the wild getting ravaged by their predators–pretty sure you will never look at stuffed animals the same way ever again.

Check out ads in the slide show above.