’80s And ’90s Cartoon Enemies Become BFFs In This Illustrated Series

Imagine there’s no beef between your favorite cartoon heroes and their mortal enemies–a place where Lion-O and Mumm-Ra can share a laugh over a bowl of cereal or Jem and Pizzazz can dish about cute boys in teen rag harmony.

Your visionary for world (cartoon) peace is artist Matthew Skiff.

Skiff’s series Best Friends taps your ‘80s and ‘90s nostalgia to pair the unlikeliest of BFFs: Splinter and Shredder, She-Ra and Hordak, Michelangelo and Krang–it’s basically party pics from the dopest peace treaty ever signed.

Check out more of Skiff’s work in the slideshow above and head over to his website to buy a few for yourself.KI