Francis And The Lights Showcase Kanye’s Amazing Jacket In The Video For “Friends”

Along with some choreography and Bon Iver’s vocals.

Francis And The Lights Showcase Kanye’s Amazing Jacket In The Video For “Friends”

WHAT: The debut of the music video to “Friends” by Francis and the Lights.

WHO: Francis and the Lights is led by Francis Farewell Starlite, a frequent collaborator of artists like Drake, Chance the Rapper, and more. In “Friends,” though, he taps two particularly high-profile collaborators–both Bon Iver and Kanye West appear on the track, the video for which is directed by Jake Schreier (director of last year’s Paper Towns and 2012’s Robot & Frank).

WHY WE CARE: Francis and the Lights have yet to drop a full album, but the act has been a player for years, since touring with Drake and MGMT in 2010. And the group’s friends have been keen to keep the name in the public consciousness–Chance The Rapper took it upon himself to promote the video on Twitter leading up to its release, promising a 7pm drop time before surprising fans by tweeting the link out several hours early. The track is an eerie, atmospheric piece of shimmering pop, with Bon Iver’s vocals soaring over as the track builds. (Kanye’s contributions to the track are less clear, but he definitely appears in the video wearing a downright magnificent jacket.) As we anticipate the moment at which Francis and the Lights goes from being your favorite artist’s favorite artist to a big-time player on its own, a video like “Friends” seems like it might tip the balance.

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