See Your Favorite Landmarks Completely Transformed With Just a Little Paper

Enter photographer Rich McCor’s magical world where the Champs-Élysées is a big-ass Lego.

Photographer Rich McCor had an idea of turning London’s historic Big Ben into a wristwatch using a little bit of perspective and a crafty paper cutout.


A few months later, and McCor’s precision-sliced paper and sense of wanderlust have taken him all over the world, filling in the blanks of locations and landmarks. Through McCor’s lens, the Statue of Liberty goes into beast mode at the gym, Marilyn Monroe feels catches that oh-so famous subway car breeze in Las Vegas, and, as if it wasn’t suggestive enough, the Spire of Dublin doubles as stripper pole.

Check out more of McCor’s work in the slide show above and follow his adventures on Instagram.

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