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Why GoPro’s Latest Ad Stars “The Secret Life Of Pets”

Nevermind the pet food, Universal Studios’ new film lands an unlikely commercial partner.

Why GoPro’s Latest Ad Stars “The Secret Life Of Pets”

Product placement in film and TV is a long and storied tradition–from old soaps and game shows to James Bond and Iron Man–but rarely does it make an animated appearance.

That said, we are all too accustomed to seeing animated characters shill for everything from burgers to video games. And for something like Universal’s The Secret Life of Pets, we’d expect a pet food or chew toy product tie in. But in a fun twist, it’s GoPro using the furry cartoon stars to further cement its reputation as the real-life action cam of choice.

In the spot launched on July 1, typically adrenaline-fueled GoPro footage is cut together with animated animal versions. Ocean MacAdams, vice president of entertainment at GoPro says it all came about when Universal Pictures approached the brand to see if they were interested in doing something fun together. “Since GoPro and the GoPro fetch mount play a part in the film’s core concept–capturing what pets do from their perspective–it was a great, natural fit,” says MacAdams. “We’ve had a lot of fun working with the filmmakers from Illumination to incorporate the essence of GoPro into the film, and into the concept for the short form content.”

For the brand, it’s about finding new and creative ways to embed itself into pop culture, whether that’s real eagles and kittens, or animated dogs and budgies.

“GoPro makes regular appearances in mainstream entertainment, with television shows, feature films, TV commercials, and video games incorporating the GoPro brand and devices into content to add authenticity,” says MacAdams. “The storyline of Secret Life of Pets presented a fun, light-hearted and authentic way for GoPro to be a part of one of the most anticipated films of the year.”

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