• 07.08.16

The Brexit Dating App Only Matches You With Remain Voters

With Better Together, you don’t have to sit through half a dinner only to learn your date voted Leave.

The Brexit Dating App Only Matches You With Remain Voters
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Better Together Dating is a new dating app for Brits, with a neat twist: It will only match people who voted for the U.K. to stay in the European Union in last month’s Brexit referendum. “Why wait until you’re halfway through an evening before finding out your date voted Out?” says the site.


Better Together Dating was built by a Manchester-based company that makes custom dating apps for clients. Bristlr, a dating app for beard lovers, is another of its creations (tagline: “Connecting those with beards to those who want to stroke beards.”) Company founder John Kershaw created the app for himself and his Euro-centric team of six employees. “I wanted something to cheer us up,” he told The Atlantic. “We’ve got Europe in our DNA; half my family are French, we’ve got staff here on an EU visa, and some of us are the children of immigrants.”

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The service, which has a smartphone app in development, works like Tinder. You can sign up using Facebook, and you can only chat to people once you have “matched,” or both starred each other.

The Brexit vote was clearly split, age-wise. Old people voted to leave the EU; young people voted to remain. And dating apps also skew towards a younger demographic, so Better Together Dating is a good idea that still won’t eliminate too much of the dating pool for young people. And while it seems to be partly a joke, it serves a real need. I know a few people who’ve gone on dates since Brexit, only to find out that their hookup supported Leave. This isn’t just for U.K. residents, either. The Remain/Leave issue is a great filter to cut out people on the other side of the political spectrum–many people do this online anyway, why not a dating app?

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