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Frank Ocean Might Be Releasing A New Album But He’s Definitely In This Calvin Klein Ad

Calvin Klein’s latest campaign just got 100% more Frank Oceanic.

Frank Ocean Might Be Releasing A New Album But He’s Definitely In This Calvin Klein Ad

Over the Fourth of July weekend four years ago, rap-adjacent pop musician Frank Ocean made a splash in the news by penning a heartfelt letter about his first love, another man. About a week later, he dropped the masterpiece album, Channel Orange, that would ensure his music, rather than his sexuality, would always remain paramount in any conversation about him. Ocean hasn’t released much new music since, but over this past Fourth of July weekend, the singer and producer again made the news. This time, it was for posting a cryptic clue online, revealing that he does have a new album on deck, and it may be coming out in November. Or this month! Who knows? Wheee! In the meantime, though, Ocean has just given fans a fresh chance to experience him in some way, if not musically: by watching his new Calvin Klein ad.

Ocean has just been announced as part of Calvin Klein’s Fall 2016 campaign, which the fashion hub revealed on Snapchat, because we live in the future.

“I draw on fantasy to make things that are hyper-real, I guess,” the impatiently awaited artist says, whilst walking diagonally in a weird pink hotel room. Hey, as long as he admits that he is indeed making things, that’s good news for fans.

Young Thug, a cybernetic alien whose name sounds like a character in a movie where John Travolta learns heartfelt lessons about “the poetry of the streets,” is also participating in this latest Calvin Klein campaign. Watch his video below.

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