Jonah Hill Gets Informercial Absurd For Palace Skateboards And Reebok

That actor (and skater) introduces the latest collaboration between the two brands.

Jonah Hill Gets Informercial Absurd For Palace Skateboards And Reebok

WHAT: Jonah Hill taps his inner terribly awesome infomercial host for a new collaboration between Palace Skateboards and Reebok.

WHO: Palace Skateboards, Reebok, MPC Creative

WHY WE CARE: As The Guardian said not long ago, Palace Skateboards might be the biggest skate brand you’ve never heard of. Built on a foundation of ’90s nostalgia and a ridiculous sense of humor, the brand has been worn by Jay Z, Rihanna, Kanye and North West, but has also used its underground clout to collaborate with brands like Adidas, Umbro, and Reebok on limited edition products. Now, the London-based skate brand has enlisted the help of Oscar-nominated actor (and avid skate fan) Jonah Hill for an absurd infomercial that compares the new kicks to having sex with a rare white tiger on your birthday (and its birthday as well).

It’s not the first time a skate brand has used a Hollywood actor as a gag–remember Owen Wilson’s convincing performance in Spike Jonze’s Girl Skateboards flick Yeah Right!?–but Hill’s tie to the culture is legit, and word is his directorial debut will be a script he wrote around a group of skaters coming up in the mid-’90s.

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