Thousands Of Londoners Take To The Streets In Largest Anti-Brexit Protest Yet

The strife over the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union shows no sign of abating one week on from when the results of the EU referendum were announced. That referendum saw 51.9% of those who turned out to vote back Brexit, while 48.1% voted Remain. Voter turnout was just over 72%. Since then there has been massive political and economic upheaval in the United Kingdom, Europe, and across the globe.

Today’s March for Europe event was hastily set up by a single organizer on the night the EU referendum results were announced. Speaking at the rally, which began near Hyde Park and ended at Parliament Square, organizer Keiran MacDermott said he was shocked when he woke the next day and the event already had tens of thousands planning to attend. McDermott told the crowd he hopes turnouts like the one for today’s march will convince Parliament to never trigger Article 50, which needs to be put forward for Brexit negotiations to begin.

There are no official counts yet as to how many people actually showed up to the March for Europe event, but from the street level it was apparent thousands were there with road closures and the streets clogged end to end.

[Photos: Michael Grothaus for Fast Company]