Fly Like An Eagle: “Tilly” Pushes The Boundaries of 360-Degree Video

WHAT: GIROPTIC: EAGLE 360, a literally eagle-eyed view of the sky in every direction.

WHO: Giroptic, a San Francisco-based tech company specializing in 360-degree footage and VR.

WHY WE CARE: Just because the eagle in question is soaring over some rocky terrain near a Scottish loch doesn’t make it any less American. The voyage of Tilly, a 16-year-old Golden Eagle should instill a patriotic swell of pride in even those most turned off by the rancorous presidential election. But aside from the bonus of coinciding with July 4, this may be the most advanced footage of its kind we’ve ever seen. Years ago, Co.Create shared a video of a GoPro-bound eagle taking flight, and many similar offerings have appeared over the years. What makes this one an evolutionary leap beyond is the truly panoramic view the 360-degree tech supplies. Now you can actually see what’s going on with the eagle. Tilt the screen to the left or right to see its sturdy wings, pull back to get a view of her perpetually twitchy head. Soak it up, friends: this is close as you’re going to get to hitching a ride on Gwaihir, the giant eagle from Lord of the Rings.