Marvel Wishes You A Happy Fourth With The Most Amurrican Superteam Ever: U.S.Avengers

Earlier this week, Marvel Comics unveiled quite possibly the most Canadian cover of all time. Yes, that’s Canada’s premier (only?) super team Alpha Flight rubbing the impressive shoulders of newly-minted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Why didn’t they wait until today, Canada Day, to unveil this cover? Because they had some serious trolling in store instead.

Today Marvel Comics unveiled U.S. Avengers, a crazy hybrid of G.I. Joe and The Avengers that finally—FINALLY–makes the Avengers great (read = American) again. So long, immigrant Asgardians!

(Yes, we’re kidding – because now is probably a good time to note that, in the comics, the team is put together by a Brazilian mutant, and the series is being written by Al Ewing, who hails from the formerly-United Kingdom).

The team consists of a new Iron Patriot (Asian-American scientist Dr. Toni Ho, daughter of the man who co-created the original Iron Man armor with Tony Stark), the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, mutant X-team member Cannonball, a Captain America from the future (who happens to be the grown up daughter of heroes Luke Cage and Jessica Jones) and, of course, Red Hulk—who, with his pornstache, unfortunate shorts, horrific sunburn, guns, and rage issues, is essentially the American South given human form.

So what’s next, Marvel? The E.U. Mutants?

(H/T: The Washington Post)EA